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Cushioning Trauma Naturally

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Trauma: a deeply distressing experience that can be from a single incident or prolonged events.

Complex Trauma: varied and multiple traumatic events that are often invasive and interpersonal. This kind of trauma physically or emotionally threatens a person’s sense of self and safety.

Emotional trauma: the result of events or experiences.

When thinking of trauma, we often picture physical/sexual abuse, auto accidents, and incidents of war or similar events. For this discussion, we will include the trauma that comes from being a marginalized person through racism, sexism, and particularly through the denigration of people who are LGBTQIA + and their allies. We will look at the way trauma affects our brain, our immune system, and the way we relate to people and institutions. More importantly, we will look at natural and relational ways to heal from the effects of trauma and how to be people who are part of that process. We can be, and often are, both.

Format: Zoom  - A bit of lecture and much discussion. All Zoom participants are welcome to ask questions and contribute. Anyone and any age are welcome to attend.

Date and Time: January 9, 2022 at 7:00 PM EST US • 6:00 PM CT US4:00 PM PST US

Register here:  https://bit.ly/CushioningTrauma

Catherine Taylor LICSW is a family therapist who has been addressing grief and trauma with individuals, families, communities, and institutions for decades. She created and facilitated the MOSAIC project for mothers of survivors of sexual abuse. MOSAIC members built support networks, trained community service providers, presented their work at trauma and family therapy conferences in the United States and Europe, spoke at one of Smith College’s summer programs for social workers, and made a film, Not Alone. She developed and took part in day wilderness survival camps for children who had experienced trauma. At camp meetings in New England, she gave workshops on sexual abuse and helped write the safety protocols for the Southern New England Conference. Her work with Seventh-day Adventists and child sexual abuse was published in Sexual Abuse in Nine North American Cultures, ed. Lisa Fontes.