2016 Kampmeeting

stevechavez Stephen Chavez is one of the editors of Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines, a position he has held for 22 years. Prior to that he was a parish pastor. He serves Sligo Church as an elder, teacher of seventh- and eighth-grade Sabbath school, and chair of the administrative board. He enjoys music (listening to it), motorcycles (riding one), and running races (from 10Ks to marathons). Steve and his wife, Linda, have two adult children.

“Ministry from the Margins – Stephen Chavez
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Description:  A discussion based on a true story. We’re all called to serve, however, it sometimes seems as though our contributions are unwanted. What happens when we make ourselves vulnerable? How is our position strengthened by taking an attitude of weakness?


Mitchell Tyner is an alumnus of Union College, Andrews University, and the Nashville School of Law.  He pastored congregations in Missouri and North Carolina, served as a department director in the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, then as Associate Director of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty for the General Conference, and retired as Associate General Counsel for the GC and is a lifelong human rights advocate.

Where do you think you're going?” – Mitchell Tyner
Tuesday Evening Opening Session
:  A view of Kinship's past and potential future, and to pose that it can serve a crucial role for Adventism in the near future.


Dr. Keisha McKenzie was raised in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination and credits the church for her drive to serve, respect for human rights, and love for the vision and courage of the biblical prophets. Originally from London, Keisha studied English, law, and political science at a denominational university in Jamaica and completed graduate degrees in technical communication and rhetoric in West Texas.  Keisha works with faith-based and social good organizations around the United States through communication, fundraising, stewardship, and board-level strategy. She also coordinates communications for a Unity church in Maryland and is a board/advisory member of denominational and para-denominational social good organizations including Intersections International, the parent organization of Believe Out Loud.

Abundant life: Building resilience, strength, and hope” – Dr. Keisha McKenzie
Thursday Morning Session
:  The international LGBTQIA and allied community include hundreds of thousands of people who have the hard-won life skill of resilience. In this session, we draw insights from theology, psychology, and the humanities, and from experts, activists, and each other to explore the practice of building and living an abundant life in societies and church cultures that often take our trauma and suffering for granted. Come prepared to trade practical strategies that have helped you relate to yourself, relatives, friends, and your wider society. This session intentionally includes perspectives from post-Christian community members.


Chett Pritchett identifies as queer and Christian, and for the past 16 years, while living in Washington, DC, he worked in volunteer management for a non-profit placing homeless families in transitional housing, served as a campus minister, managed seminary bookstores, and most recently served as executive director of the Methodist Federation for Social Action. Chett is a graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College and Wesley Theological Seminary and engaged in post-graduate study at Drew University.  In June, Chett moved to Marietta, Ohio, to work in development and alumni engagement at Marietta College so he could be closer to family. Through his years of leadership in The United Methodist Church, he has worked to engage people of faith in a broad understanding of justice and to break assumed barriers to the work of justice-seeking.

“Body Shaming" – Chett Pritchett
Thursday Afternoon Session
:  What 1 Corinthians 12:4 -26 states about our bodies.


Ann Roda is the Vice President of Mission Integration and Spiritual Care for Adventist Healthcare. She is a proud graduate of Columbia Union College with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Her nursing career took her through high-risk OB and Trauma ICU before transitioning into healthcare administration. In the midst of a successful career, God had other plans and directed her path into pastoral ministry. Ann received her M.Div. from the Adventist Theological Seminary and has spent the last 15 of the most exciting years of her life as a pastor in Georgia and, most recently, completing a 10-year tenure as an associate pastor at New Hope Adventist Church in Fulton, MD. Early this year, God had yet another adventure for Ann and called her back into the healthcare ministry. The position she currently holds is the perfect combination of both pastoral ministry and health care. Ann is married to Jose Hernandez, a proud alumnus of Columbia Union College. He is a chaplain and grief counselor, recently completing his second graduate degree in professional counseling. Ann and her husband enjoy hiking, biking, traveling, and discovering delicious ethnic desserts. Their favorite experiences have been climbing Mt. Sinai; bicycling through Ireland, and riding camels around the Egyptian pyramids.

“Can We Talk: Conversations across the divide?” – Ann Roda
Wednesday Morning Session
:  Learning to talk to one another when divisions are wide and emotions are high.


Olive J. Hemmings has been teaching in Seventh-day Adventist higher education since 1982.  She earned her M.A. in New Testament and Biblical languages from the Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University in 1989, and her Ph. D. in Theology, Ethics, and Culture from Claremont Graduate University in 2004.  She taught at Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica, for 15 years, and has been teaching at Washington Adventist University for the past 14 years in the areas of New Testament Bible and Greek, World Religions, Social, Biblical, and Theological Ethics, and Dogmatic Theology both in graduate and undergraduate programs.  She is president elect of the Adventist Society for Religious Studies, has an ordained minister credential from the Columbia Union Conference, and pursues a yearly itinerary of preaching and teaching nationally and internationally.  Her latest publication Sacred Texts and Social Conflict is a case study of the debate over women’s ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist Church to demonstrate the ways in which sacred texts function as the site of power for communities in conflict.  Olive has been married to Charles Kuuku Paintsil of Accra, Ghana, for 27 years, and they have three children.  Her great passion for the mission is fueled by a strong sense of purpose and sustained by the grace of God.

"The Call of the Infinite: The Challenge to Love” – Dr. Olive J. Hemmings
Saturday Morning Church Service


Larry Hallock received his B.A. in religion from Union College and studied at Andrews University Theological Seminary. Now retired, his career included business, social service, and a word-of-mouth home remodeling business during semi-retirement. He has been described as one of the “pillars” of Kinship in its early years. Larry has traveled on 6 continents and is married to his partner of 15 years. They live in Chicago.

“A Journey down the Road Least Traveled” – Larry Hallock
Friday Morning Session
:  Tell television personality Steve Harvey you’re a non-theist and he’ll say you’re “an idiot.” Tell it to clergyman Bill Donohue and he’ll say you “stand for nothing, believe in nothing” and are probably “good for nothing.” What would you say to an atheist? This morning Larry Hallock talks about his journey from one end of 
the religious spectrum to the other—he’s no longer the Adventist fundamentalist who, in the 1980s, drafted our first Kinship brochure and took charge of our first mass mailing to hundreds of Adventist teachers and clergy. But you might be surprised at how much common ground he believes we all share.

daneenakers Daneen Akers is a producer, writer, and director based in southern California, she has a passion for social justice projects that explore identity and belonging.  Along with her husband Stephen Eyer, she co-produced and directed the follow-up film, Enough Room at the Table (www.enoughroomfilm.com), a dialogue film set at the intersection of faith, gender, and sexuality.  Daneen and Stephan have two daughters.

ajoetman AJ Oetman, from his earliest memories, has been a storyteller and obsessed with films. Growing up in central Missouri, he eventually moved to Lincoln, NE, to attend Union College. While there, he produced multiple large-scale plays and worked as a programming director for summer camps across the country. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s in English Education, he planned on getting a master’s in film; however, after taking a course in guerilla filmmaking, he felt learning from his own films remained a better investment. With the help of his business partner, Carissa Hosey, he has directed the sitcom pilot, Community Watch, and then his first feature film: The Wolf’s Robe. In addition, he’s written two feature-length screenplays, numerous short stories, has been published in Insight Magazine, he has directed two documentary shorts on being transgender in Nebraska, and has directed music videos. His works often feature finding community where you least expect it, the complexities of lying, and the distinctions between human religions and an honest quest for the divine.