Why Kinship Exists

Why Kinship Exists

Many of us grew up hearing our parents and teachers tell us how unique and different Adventists are. They have always taught us that Christianity and anything other than traditional heterosexuality cannot co-exist. That dilemma can devastate anyone going through the torment of reconciling their sexual orientation or gender identity with their religious identity. They asked some of us to leave our church congregation, or we left because we felt condemned and unwelcome.

The SDA Kinship community exists to provide community. We are naturally a diverse group with a wide range of spiritual experiences and stages of self-acceptance, reconciliation, and expression.

Faith and LGBTQIA+

Our community is just as diverse from a faith perspective. 

  • Some attend an inclusive congregation that allows members to serve in local positions
  • Some attend a church but are not out to members of their congregation
  • Some attend churches in more affirming denominations
  • Some members have moved beyond Christianity and may even identify as an atheist or agnostic

As an organization, Kinship strives to maintain a community for our members, even while members may have different theological beliefs and practices. 

We all share the common belief that we are born with inherent value and each person is fully worthy of love and affirmation. There is nothing anyone can do to change that. 

Different ways to be affirming

Side A: LGBTQIA+ Christians who fully affirm both LGBTQIA+ identity and same-gender sex for various personal and/or theological reasons.  This includes those who have a broad range of sexual ethics.

Side B: LGBTQIA+ Christians who affirm LGBTQIA+ identities and who also are committed to refraining from same-gender sex for various personal and/or theological reasons. This includes single celibate LGBTQIA+ Christians and those in celibate partnerships and mixed-orientation marriages.

SDA Kinship is committed to having a community that includes individuals from each perspective. It is a personal decision that each member must make for themselves.  

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We have a number of communities within Kinship to help keep people connected and growing in community. 

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