⁑ Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones: Adventist Edition  — (website)

The Guiding Families booklet serves to help improve church members' ability to demonstrate the love of Jesus to those in our Adventist homes, churches, or schools who are of another orientation and/or identity. It introduces the reader to a glossary of terms used to identify the various groups in the LGBT+ community and includes guidance on developing a care plan built on trust, common answers to tough questions, biblically-based examples of how to pray in faith and trust in God, and why it is important to remain faithful to the Bible.

This booklet is supported by the NAD and is freely available through Advent Source. Although the guide, stops short of full acceptance of the LGBT+ community, and the final page re-iterates the official statement from the SDA church, Kinship feels that this Adventist approved booklet is a major leap forward and useful resource for enhancing communication and discussion around LGBT+ issues and the church.

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