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$5,700 Raised on #GivingTuesday

$5,700 Raised on #GivingTuesday

   For nearly 40 years, SDA Kinship has been providing a safe community for LGBTIQ individuals who are current or former Adventists.

   Whenever we’ve come to you asking for support, you’ve never let us down—this is why we are still around today. Thanks to your generous support during Giving Tuesday on November 29, our best days are ahead of us!

   With your support, we can and will continue to:

♦ share hope with LGBTIQ Adventists who feel alone.

 proclaim this important truth: that they are loved by God.

 create and distribute the resources current LGBTIQ Adventists need to be strong in the face of adversity.

 be a voice for those who are unable to share their stories.

   We’re so grateful that you stood with us on Giving Tuesday in our commitment to make all these things happen. More than 60 donors raised a total of $5,700! Wow! We are humbled by your support.

   This is not the end. We still have a lot more work to do, but it became much easier because of you.
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