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Life After God

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What is Life After God?

Life After God grew out of Ryan Bell’s 2014 journey called Year Without God. Quite early in Ryan’s exploration he wrote that the primary question that occupied his mind was not so much, “Is there a God?” but if there isn’t, “Now what?”

Life After God is about this “now what?” How do we form community, raise ethical children, work for the common good, advance the cause of human flourishing and find peace and joy in a world after traditional notions of God have ceased to be relevant?

The loss of faith often entails the lost of friends, employment, and even family relationships. These intense challenges complicate the journey to deeper truth and understand. Life After God is a place for peer support, informal counseling and friendship for this challenged transition to life after God.



Life After God exists to empower people and communities to live deeply into the space after God. This in-between world is lonely and uncharted. Our mission is to create safe, hospitable space for people to explore their doubts, recalibrate their ‘moral compass,’ and create new friendships.

The expression “after God” means after a particular God. Perhaps particular versions of God have failed you and you’re still sorting things out. Or maybe you’ve given up on all versions of God. Either way, this space is for you!

Our goal is not to convert you or lead you to a particular conclusion, but to hold this space together and provide some tools to explore your doubts, embrace the world as it is, and ask your most important questions about life, meaning, and ethics.

We do this through personal and group coaching, retreats and online resources. We also consult with organizations that want to better understand the challenge of post-theism and grow their capacity to serve.

To contact Life After God about any of its services or to receive more information, please write to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein. or call (626) 817-2285.

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