Kinship in Africa

Kinship in Africa is a community of current and former Adventist LGBTQIA+ individuals and their families and friends, who live in or come from the countries on the African continent. This group within Kinship provides community and advocacy for our members in Africa and serves many diverse needs and cultures.

Our community includes...

LGBTIQ+ People
LGBTIQ+ People
We are LGBTIQ people who are learning to affirm our identities and reconcile them with our faith journeys. We experience life in a community where we can be authentic, accepted, and  safe.
Families & Friends
Families & Friends
We provide resources and community for parents, families, and friends who want to better understand, support, and connect with their LGBTIQ loved ones.
Leaders & Allies
Leaders & Allies
Pastors, teachers, and other leaders can learn how to minister to the LGBTIQ community with love. Pastors also share tools, stories, and their journeys with each other.

African Regions & Leaders

African Leadership Team

email icon red africa@sdakinship.org


• Kenya
  Rena Otieno and George  email icon 35
South Africa
• South Africa
  Mark  email icon 35

Seventh-Gay Adventists

Growing up Adventist means knowing you belong. And being Adventist is about much more than a set of beliefs--it's a close-knit community not easily left. Faith, identity, and sexuality collide in this raw and moving documentary about the challenges and spiritual journeys of three Seventh-day Adventists who love God and their church and are also gay.

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You can believe the Bible and
welcome the LGBTQ community

Pastor Colby Martin researched the 6 texts that are traditionally used to condemn LGBTQ people. He shares both his research findings and his personal journey of growth. Kinship is sharing this book free to all. We believe it does an outstanding job of explaining the original context and how we can have more inclusive communities today.

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Kinship Around the World

Our international community spans six continents and over 80 countries. Our goal is to enable all our members to connect locally for community and support. Many of these regions have private Facebook and WhatsApp groups to communicate and plan events.   View our Communities!