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Message from the President - October 2023

October is my favorite month in the Kinship calendar because it is Kinship Awareness Month! It gives me 31 days to share my love for SDA Kinship and the work we are doing. But my voice is only one and can easily get drowned out by all the noise outside. 

Multiple voices have a much greater impact, whether it is your actual voice telling someone about what SDA Kinship means to you, or it is a social media post. Even following and liking the Kinship accounts on social media helps. Together, we can make a huge difference. The year started off with Sasa, an SDA pastor in Germany, coming out as bisexual in his Sabbath sermon. This opened the door to discussion, something we have been wanting for a long time. Yes, it increased the pushback “from the top,” but we are more concerned with getting the word out that we exist and inviting folks to dialogue with us. 

We have several action programs happening this month that we will share with you. Hopefully you can join in and help us. If you haven't asked for and received your Kinship Pride wristband and Kinship logo pin, please send me your mailing address so I can get yours sent to you. Wear them whenever you can . . . especially on Sabbaths to church. Let folks know you are not afraid to stand up for LGBTQIA+ Adventists. Wear the pin on your shirt wherever you go. 

We want everyone to know that Kinship exists and helps save lives. We also want Kinship to give you the affirmation and resources you need. We are a great organization, but we have room for improvement and we can only do that with your feedback. So let me know what Kinship can do to better support you. At the moment, we have a need for more members to become involved in leadership positions. Think about what talents you can share with Kinship and let's talk. Is there anyone who aspires to be the president of SDA Kinship? Work with me to take the reins and lead us to continue to grow stronger. We need a diverse team of leaders who have a vision. We need you!

Happy Kinship Awareness Month. Let's see how many folks we can share Kinship with in the next month!

— Floyd Poenitz, President
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     @KinshipPrez (on Twitter)

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Happy Kinship Awareness Month and LGBTQ+ History M...
Message from the President