Learn what it means to be an ally in Kinship and what actions you can take to actively make a difference.

From the very beginning, SDA Kinship has welcomed support from friends and allies into our community. An “ally” is someone who supports LGBTQIA+ people and equality in its many forms, both publicly and privately. Heterosexual and cisgender people can be allies as well as those within the LGBTQIA+ community who support one another’s unique needs and struggles. The key qualities of an ally are a desire to learn and understand, to help LGBTQIA+ people feel supported and included, and to address barriers to fairness and justice for everyone.

How to Get Involved

Host a watch party for Seventh-Gay Adventists or Enough Room at the Table. Then discuss your insights and ideas within your immediate community.

Show your compassion or vision for LGBTQIA+ inclusion by submitting a video here.

More Resources

Connect with Kinship
SDA Kinship is looking to connect with Adventists who want their church or communities to become more loving and compassionate towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. 
Please connect with us, if you want to keep the conversation going, continue learning and connecting with other Adventists on a journey of compassion and inclusion.