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This year’s Conversation + series will cover five topics that have been questions or concerns we’ve heard from members of our SDA Kinship community. Unlike lectures or podcasts, we want them to be interactive. Each meeting will be 60 minutes long and will have a facilitator. Many will ask participants their priorities for that discussion.

  • We want to learn with each other.
  • We’d like you to enjoy your time.
  • We would like you to come away with new tools.
  • We’re looking forward to meeting you!
  1. Gender for Geezers
  2. Cushioning Trauma, Naturally
  3. Deconstructing the Clobber Texts
  4. Fornication: Biblical ways of Looking at Sex
  5. Developing Benevolent Interactions and Systems - Part I & 2
  6. Co-Constructing an Inclusive Adventist Theology - Part 1 & 2