European Kinship Meeting

23rd European SDA Kinship Meeting 2024 in Denmark
Lost in Translation: Homosexuality in the Bible

Thursday, September 5 to Monday, September 9



Camp Himmerlandsgården

This beautiful campground is located at the seaside, and nature lovers will appreciate the quietness, fresh breeze, walks along the beach, campfires, or just lying in the grass watching the clouds passing by…

Address: Himmerlandsgården, Als Oddevej 71, 9560 Hadsund, Denmark

How to get there:

If you live in Europe, you might consider taking a car.

If you need to fly, Denmark has three international airports:

  • Aalborg Airport – north of Himmerlandsgården. From there, it is a 1 hour 7 min. train ride to Randers Station (or about 1 hour by car).

  • Billund Airport – southwest of Himmerlandsgården. From there, it is 1 hour 57 min. by bus and train to Randers Station (or about 2 hours by car).

  • Copenhagen Airport – on Zealand. From there, it takes 4 hours by train to Randers Station (same by car).

Other option:

  • Fly to Hamburg Airport in Germany. From there, it takes 4 hours 35 min. by bus to Aarhus and additional 30 min. to Randers (or 4 hours 12 min. by car – car rentals are cheaper in Germany than in Denmark!).

From Randers Station, we will arrange our own pick-up service by car (45 min. to Himmerlandsgården).


What to bring:

Since Camp Himmerlandsgården is not run by a camp staff, every group is self-supporting and must bring whatever equipment is needed.

This means that everyone must bring their own bottom sheet, sleeping bag (or blanket), pillow, and towel.

If you have absolutely no space to carry your personal sleeping items, we might be able to supply some for you, on request. Please contact the organizing team at

We also want to mention that the rooms are kept simple and that we have to share bathroom facilities.

Weather in September might be a little tricky, between summer and autumn. So, bring casual clothes for sunny, windy, and cooler days.


How to choose your room:

(please read this carefully)

Looking at the application form, you might ask yourself which room to book. Here are some hints that might be helpful:

  • There are two buildings: Main Building and Log Cabin.

  • In the Main Building, rooms have bunk beds for 2-4 or 6 people. All rooms have sink and mirror. In the hallway, there are bathrooms with sinks, showers, and WC, for men and women.

  • You also find the meeting room and the dining room in the Main Building.

  • The Log Cabin is just a few steps away from the Main Building. Rooms also have bunk beds for 4-6 people, but no sink or mirror. In the hallway there are bathrooms with sinks, showers, and WC, for men and women. The Log Cabin is a bit more “rustic”.

  • All rooms may be booked as single rooms, but you are welcome to share a room with someone.

Reminder: No room is equipped with blankets, pillows, sheets, or towels. You need to bring your own.


Speaker and Program:

We are planning an eventful program and are very happy to announce Kjeld Renato Lings has agreed to speak to us. He is a Danish translator, theologian (PhD), writer and lecturer, fluent in several languages and has published a number of books. For the past 20 years, his main areas of research have been gender and sexuality issues in the Bible, particularly the translation of these texts in history and their mistranslations today. (See



Plan to be at the camp by Thursday afternoon or early evening on September 5, 2024.

On Monday, September 9 by late morning we plan to close our session.

Please let us know your time of arrival. We need to coordinate the car shuttle service from Randers train station to the camp.

If you come by car, please let us know if you could possibly bring an extra set of sleeping supplies and towels.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Camp Himmerlandsgården and having a splendid and inspirational time together, studying, worshiping, singing, praying, visiting, playing, walking, sharing, hugging…


EKM 2024 will be a new adventure. Come and bring a friend for an unforgettable time of your life!


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