Encuentro europeo de Kinship

EKM2023 – Theme – You Are the God Who Sees Me

Diversity in gender identity has perhaps never been talked about as much as it is at the moment. The discussion has also recently reached the center of the community in some countries, such as Germany. Following the legal regulation of "marriage for all", knowledge and understanding of the nature of gender identity has grown in recent years. In many western countries, regulations from the second half of the last century are now to be revised under the aspect of self-determined living.

"You Are the God Who Sees Me" - For God, diversity in the gender orientation of his creatures is nothing new. And so it is not surprising that the social discussion has recently also been taking place in the midst of the congregation. We want to look at this diversity together, listen to people, and understand them.

While lesbian and gay are now understood by many, we would like to deepen our understanding of bisexuality, pansexuality, and transsexuality together.  In the program, we will have lectures by different speakers who find one of the orientations in themselves or are researching it. There will be plenty of room for personal questions during the event or during the social program.

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Ruud Kieboom
European Coordinator