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Connecting & Supporting LGBTQ+ Families

Kinship Families & Friends Zoom Roundtable

The SDA Kinship Families & Friends group desires to support all families working their way through emotional and, possibly, confusing times. We (Carolyn and John) conducted two Sabbath school evaluations. In one class, 42% shared that they had an LGBTQ+ family member, and in the other class, it was 45%. We also estimate that 5-10% don’t know if they have an LGBTQ+ family member, while an additional 5-10% don’t care to admit it.

We comfortably believe that at least 50% of the families in our congregations have an LGBTQ+ member—maybe a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, niece or nephew, brother or sister. It could even be a husband or wife. Varied gender desires and needs are more common than many families realize.

When a family discovers a variation, their feelings and emotions can be confused and unsure. Their actual decisions and responses can also cause unhealthy reactions and feelings throughout the family. There is excellent support information and experiences they can get so that, if a family desires to understand and learn more, they can make the best loving decisions for their family.

One activity is the Kinship Families & Friends Zoom Roundtable discussions that happen on the third Sunday of every month at 9:30 AM Pacific Time (PT). Families and friends from around the world join each session, sharing and connecting with each other. Often the roundtable has a keynote speaker, which allows more specific questions and sharing of helpful, accurate information. The roundtable has helped many families connect with other families and allies, helping them adjust and support their LGBTQ+ family member.

Please visit for the directions and link to join the roundtable. You can choose to be visible and share or you can be invisible and instead text your questions for the attendees to respond to. Each session normally lasts 90 minutes.

In addition, we are available at any time to privately connect and chat with you regarding your desires and needs.


Carolyn & John Wilt, Co-coordinators
SDA Kinship Families & Friends


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