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Message from the Vice President - October 23

I was startled when Floyd reminded me that October is Kinship Awareness Month. So many of you live in my mind and in my heart so much of the time, that it seems like it’s always Kinship month for me. When I think about the ways Kinship is important to me—well, it’s you. Plain, simple, complex, hopeful, frustrated, inspiring, loving you. This month, there are some people I want to tell you about and some I will leave to their privacy.

  • Ruud: You Are Invited and You Are Safe with Me is beautiful because of you. And that’s only the start. The rest of you will have to meet him to understand.
  • Colin: You made a film and also made illustrated instructions so I could find my way into 21st-century Zoom.
  • Ivy: You teach me cultural humility and make sure I get these notes done.
  • Tom: You teach us about THOSE texts and other biblical conundrums with humor, gentleness, brilliance, and grace.
  • Tanja: You are the boarding school roommate I never had. We’re working on getting a book group going. 
  • Verna-Lee: I am in awe of your courage.
  • Bruce and Eddie: Well, you know I love you. Thank you for being big brothers. You, David, and Terry were the first people who taught me Kinship was home.
  • Ingrid and Frieder: There are few words. I am in awe of you and care for you deeply.
  • Jens: I learn from the courage and grace of your journey. 
  • Pam: Oh, my goodness. You have reminded my heart that everyday funny chit-chats are possible. You help me survive Lorraine’s death. 
  • Kirsten and Eileen: You teach me about so many ways people can be safe. 
  • Mwole: Yep, I would have followed you over the rails of that horse cart . . . and I don’t do that for just anyone.
  • Stefan and Joachim: I cannot imagine a September vacation without you or Friday nights without photos of your Irish . . . well, your Irish way of welcoming the Sabbath.
  • James: I tell lots of people that one of your first messages to my post-surgical self was, “We’re praying for you, and can I see a copy of the X-ray?” Also, I do love arguing theology with you.
  • Jacquie: Thank you for your particular, wonderful self and the hundreds of hours you proofread my work. 
  • Linda: For getting so very many missives mailed and doing it with love and grace. 
  • Kayla: Wow, thank you. I appreciate this time to get to know you.
  • Justin: You listen in many careful ways. It’s amazing to me that you can write what I think in my voice. What a gift. 
  • And then there is Floyd. Thanks for putting up with my sniffling when I thought we had blown Building Safe Places that year, for finding me a church when I didn’t want to leave, for taking me to my first leather bar (at 5:00 in the afternoon), for having faith in my visions as I figure out what they are, for caring so much about this Kinship community that you stretch my heart. What an amazing gift that I get to know you and work with you. 

. . . and dear wonderful readers I haven’t even told you about the surprising, amazing, laughter-and-tears-filled family reunion that was the European Kinship Meeting last month. I have never seen or been to anything like it. 

Clearly, what makes Kinship so valuable and healing is all of you. I wish for you unexpected blessings.

Take good care of yourselves for you are valuable and valued.

— Catherine Taylor, Vice President

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