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yolandaHere in Maryland, January is leaving us with the coldest temperatures in a very long time. I feel for our members in the Midwest! I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere stays warm and safe. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy the beautiful weather.  We will feel warmer thinking of you. 

What I really love about SDA Kinship is that it’s always been a safe space for members to be who we are, regardless of where each of us is on our journey. Some members are in long-term relationships and some are married. Others feel that celibacy is right for them, and still others are dating. All of us want to be on a path that works best for our lives.

No matter where any one of us finds ourselves at any given time, Kinship is here to support us.

SDA Kinship is LGBTIQ-supportive and affirming. We believe that loving same-sex relationships are a blessing, not a sin. We also believe that our interactions with each other must be respectful. We encourage each other, and we do not tear each other down even when our beliefs about sexuality and religion are different. If we said that we all had to think exactly the same way, we’d be no better than the church who wants everyone to be uniform. That’s not the Kinship we want to have.  

If we can remember to love each other in and through our differences, SDA Kinship will be a rich and diverse place. I’m grateful for each one of you in my life and thank you for letting me grow along with you.

Yolanda Elliott
SDA Kinship International

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