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Surf, Sand, and Sea… and Kinship!

Rehoboth 2019a

by Ellen Henderson

Every spring, something very special happens on the Eastern Seaboard. Members of Region 2 (and friends) gather at a small beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware, for some much-needed time of relaxation and fellowship.

Some things are different year to year—one year might be quite warm and people head to the shore to dip their toes in the ocean. Sometimes it rains and more time is spent playing games and catching up. Or it might be cold and everyone gathers in the house to share food and stories. The weather and the people may change, but year to year, I’ve always found Mini-Kampmeeting to be full of laughter, smiles, and love. 

This year, we all packed our cars and headed east in early May. Herb Montgomery of Renewed Heart Ministries was our keynote speaker, offering perspective and insights into what is God’s Kingdom. I asked some of the attendees to share what they loved about Mini-Kampmeeting.

“Right from the beginning, we felt like we were part of the family even though it was our first time participating in this retreat. Our favorite part of the weekend was on Saturday evening when we were able to share with each other on various topics in small groups.”
V & LaJo

“I appreciated time to learn new games with friends, to spend quality time together—and not only do the work of hosting, have serious conversations about religion, or run church services.”

“Mini-Kampmeeting is always a wonderful time to relax and reconnect with friends and with God. This year I really appreciated Herb’s message about how Jesus came to set up a kingdom and political structure that is not of this world, how His message brings peace and hope to those of us on the margins of earthly societies, that in God's kingdom that is coming we don't have to succumb to the ways of the world and fight and put others down to be seen as valuable and achieve success. Jesus came as a savior for those deemed ‘sick’ and ‘less than’ by this world. His kingdom is for us, and our mission is to bring His message of hope to the world. I hope more people are able to come to future Mini-Kampmeetings to hear inspiring messages like this year's.”

“Always excited to see friends in the same house for a whole weekend. The inspirational sermon and stories have touched my heart.”

Would you like to join us at Mini-Kampmeeting next year? Come taste the sea air, relax in the beach house, and spend some time with your Kinship family!

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